What Students & Parents Are Saying

What Students & Parents Are Saying


“Growing up with Noor Quran Academy!

My family has been blessed with the wonderful Ilm offered through the Read and Rise programs by Noor Quran Academy. My daughters have been students for years with this program, and have grown in knowledge and confidence as young Muslims. These courses are not only convenient, as they are taught online, but informative, engaging, and fun for children to easily and happily learn of their deen. The teachers are absolutely wonderful; vety patient, kind, and they have the ability to really connect with the children in their classes. I would full heartedly recommend these courses to any muslim family looking for that extra guidance and motivation to teach their children our deen of Islam. Jazakoum Allahu Kheir. “

Sr. Julianna G


“May Allah bless and protect them!

My 10 year old son who has a speech delay started learning to recite the Quran at age 7. What an amazing Noor Quran academy team that they have worked so hard with him and all the teachers teach him with so much love and affection that Masha’Allah he is about to finish reciting the entire Quran in a month. My 14 year-old daughter also attends regular Noor Quran Academy classes and it’s amazing how the teacher is able to connect and affect the student’s hearts as much as they have affected mine.”

Farrah Zaidi, Zia’s mom


“Alhamdolilah I am so blessed to have found NQA and feel 100% satisfied knowing my daughter is learning from the best.

I was really nervous about starting Quran lessons for my 6 year old as classes were online. However, I have nothing but great things to say about NQA. The teachers are very patient and teach with their heart and soul. They are able to connect and teach at her level. She stays engaged with them through out the whole lesson. She looks forward to learning and even practices new lessons right away.”

Maida from Calgary


“I love learning Quran from teacher Noureen.

She is my favourite because she makes learning so much fun. I love reading from her book. She is very patient with me when I have a hard time focusing. The best part is she speaks French. When I am older, I want to teach with NQA InshaAllah!”

Nimra, NQA Student


“I’m very grateful for Noor Quran Academy!

My kids have been a part of Noor Quran Academy for over two years now and I am very happy with everything they’ve learned, and I have absolutely no complaints, my kids love it!”

Lorine Jomaa


"Allhumdulliah Noor Quran Academy has been a part of our family for over 10 years.

The teachers have been helpful and amazing. The emphasis on practical application of what we have learnt in our classes to our daily lives is invaluable. It’s great to have teachers who were born and raised in North America and understand the daily challenges we face living in a western academy. Stay blessed Noor Quran Academy!

Uroog Quraishi


“I’m so blessed to have found Noor Quran Academy.

When we moved to Calgary 10 years ago, I found Noor Quran Academy. As soon as my daughters started, I learnt quickly how incredible their programs were and how efficient the teaching methods were. My daughters rapidly become comfortable with the teachers who were born and raised in Canada and North America. It is very beneficial when the teachers understand the daily challenges young children and adults face living in a western society.”

Mariya Farhan


l really appreciate NQA workshops on current issues that children and youth are facing these days because of Islamofobia and racism.

The teaching strategies of NQA are really practical and suits my children ages 9 to 15 years old. l strongly trust their unique skills and know that whenever my children are stuck on a specific chapter they will (with the help of Almighty Allah) always get the practical advice they need to learn to recite the Quran in a short period of time. My youngest (who is still in the learning process) is absorbing all the rules and much faster than his older siblings who learnt from another tutor. Also, Their complementary workshops for different age groups throughout the year are amazing and children have learned a lot Alhamdulilah!

Abida Habib